Environmental Packaging Technologies Inc.


Environmental Packaging Technologies Inc. (EPT) is a leading global bulk packaging company providing innovative packaging solutions for the transport and storage of bulk products. They offer a complete range of services, including: packaging supply/installation, loading and unloading, product transfer, product stewardship, removal-disposal-recycling, and full logistics services. Their bulk liquid packaging ranges in size from 6000 liters to upwards of 24,000 liters.

MCG Energy uses the BIG Red Flexitank®

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GlobeRunners Inc.


GlobeRunners Inc. is a leader in the international shipping and freight forwarding market. GlobeRunners was founded by a group of professionals with experience in international business and shipping. GlobeRunners is able to deliver a competitive advantage for you with our understanding of your specific needs in relationship to our knowledge of market dynamics. With their strong focus on business performance and improvement, they will assist you in eliminating unnecessary cost and effectively improving your logistical cost and planning.

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